Flooded with spam comments

My blog has been recently flooded by spam - useless and meaningless comments, posted on random entries. What was weird is the fact, that comments were not related to usual advertisement of pills or drugs as we used to see. These were just plain random and meaningless sentences.

Originally, when comment is posted, I get an e-mail with information, that comment has been added to the entry. For the last couple of days, I've been receiving at least ten notifications per day, so it became really annoying to clean my mailbox and blog. There is also an interesting fact, that visits have not been tracked by Google Analytics, so my assumption is that JavaScript was disabled.

To make my life more peaceful, I decided to replace original functionality with external functionality provided by disqus. The implementation is very easy, and doesn't take long. Free version allows to add some extra CSS, even by pointing to the external file. The only one downside is, that previous comments were not imported to the disqus (not many of them anyway).

Will see how it works.

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