iOS Apps update and downgrade

If you are an user of any non-jailbroken iOS devices, Apple App Store is the only place for installing and updating your apps. I won’t mention Android here as I don’t have an experience with that at all.

The question is: how do you downgrade an app (revert to the previous version)? From my experience it is possible. Well, sort of. The key to that solution lies with the rare syncicg of devices with iTunes and performing updates only on devices.

Why do that? I will give Skype as an example. Newer version (3.6.59) was not working well on iOS 4 (problems with sound quality and codecs) but was fine on iOS 5 (more details). The older version was still on my Mac in iTunes, so I was able to downgrade Skype by removing it and reinstalling directly form iTunes.

Apparently, other users are facing similar problems with the apps downgrade. The very same same problem are facing Mac OS X users when installing/upgrading apps from Mac App Store. In this case, issue is even more annoyig as the older version gets completely wipped out; if an app is distributed only via App Store, then there reverting to older version is impossible.

The final note is: don’t perform updates in iTunes on your machine, in order to keep older version.
iTunes apps updage

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