A few notes on the iPad

Finally, the latest Apple product has arrived - last week Steve Jobs presented the iPad. Before that, we have been hearing a lot of rumours about the name, design and specification.

Apple iPad

The iPad receives mixed reviews, some say that Apple mixed an opportunity to revolutionise the market and point out that the iPad is just the enlarged version of iPod touch. The design of the iPad made a good impression on me, so the price range as well (at least the prices in US) which make the device more affordable (prices in EU yet to be confirmed). Where is the criticism?

The OS

Let's start with the operating system - iPad uses same version of OS X that we can find on iPhone and iPod touch but most of the scream is about that, this is not the full version of OS X that we can find on iMacs and Macbooks. But that makes iPad compatible with applications developed for iPhone and iPod Touch. You can run the same application without rewriting the code. Even more - that makes the application market even bigger. I also find another positive thing - inexperienced users will not be able to "brake down" the OS and make the device unusable for a while.

No Flash support

The same story as we have with iPhone and iPod touch - iPad doesn't support Flash and if you want to enjoy youtube there is an application that you have on iPhone/iPod touch. To be honest I don't have a problem with that. If you browse the web, you won't be annoyed by flash ads that pops in and interrupts your reading. People tend to forget that Flash uses a lot of processor's power. What does it mean? More processor power, less battery time. Apple declares that iPad can run up to 10 hours so I can only imagine that Flash usage will significantly reduce that time. I do realize that full flash websites will not work, but designers and developers have think about creating websites and web application for mobile devices.

Where is the camera and USB port?

With this one I might to agree. I am not the fan of built-in cameras (if you want to make pictures get a proper one - not a toy) but in this case, camera would be ideal for video conferences. Also at least one USB port also might be useful so it would extend the existing functionality.

The interface

People say that Apple missed the opportunity and didn't revolutionise the interface which is the same for iPhone and iPod Touch. Why the hell they should change that? If you have a successful recipe, you don't change but tweak a little bit. iPad is not only targeted to new customers but also to the ones that own iPhone/iTouch. People don't like to change their habits and change of the interface would make more harm. 

Will it be another successful device such as iPhone or iPod Touch? Well, time will show us soon. In my opinion the device is perfect for users that are not familiar with computers at all, but they would like to browse the internet or enjoy the music. Having an iPad, the learning curve is much easier for them, they don't have to worry about the usual things that all PC/Mac users have to cope with.

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