Front-end development made easier

Last week I found some solutions that will made front-end development easier (at least mine).

Google Font API

The first one is the Google Font API (with Google Font Directory). Google have released font embedding technique that allow to use custom fonts on the websites. There are some well established solutions like sIFR, Typekit, Cufon, Typeface and this is another technique to choose from. What is the difference?

The implementation is is very straightforward and only requires the link to the external CSS file provided by Google. The significant difference between existing solutions is the font library, which is limited and provided by Google (currently 18 fonts).

So far I've been using sIFR as a font embedding technique and I am looking forward to switch to Google API. It is way much simpler and easier to use.

jQuery Tiny Carousel

This is another content slider based on jQuery. I've been using jCarousel lite so far and this one also looks interesting. The library itself is very small but when compared to jCarousel lite, more HTML markup is required. The configuration is very simple and offers scrolling direction and paging functionality.

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