Twitter Fail Whale in CSS and HTML5

On one of the design forums someone posted link to website that presents Twitter Fail Whale done using HTML5 and CSS. Here is the opinion that I posted.

I have to say - it looks cool and it also could be another ACID_X test for browsers, how they actually deal with HTML5 and CSS3. Definitely it shows the potential of HTML5 and CSS3.

Would I do something similar in the real project? Probably no, as it has to many points of failure. It means that alternative versions should be prepared (Flash or low level implementation using images, divs and JS frameworks to handle the animation) just to avoid this:

Would I do something similar in my R&D or downtime project? Possibly yes, if I wanted to learn myself, but at this stage I am too lazy not excited about HTML5/CSS yet...due to the reason above.

For better animation and richer effects I would still stick to the flash despite the fact that I am not greatest fan of that technology. That gives very predictable cross-platform behavior.

At the end, it goes down to the target audience (read browsers market).

Got some comments or something to say? Feel free to express your thoughts on twitter, facebook, your blog or somewhere else...